Y.M Raja Shazreen Petra
January 02, 1994 (age 21)
Johor Bharu, Malaysia
Net worth$20 Million USD
OccupationBusinesswoman, Aerospace Industry
Years active2012
Known forFirst Woman to own a Multi Billion Manufacturing Aircrafts in the World
TitleYang Mulia
Partner(s)Ben Amir
(Muhammad Amir Sabaruddin)

Y.M Raja Shazreen Petra or the way she prefers, Shazreen Petra, 21. She's in the Aerospace Industry where the majority in Aerospace Industry is conquer by men. Currently the youngest biggest shared holder & First Woman in the World to own Multi Billion Manufacturing Company. Also, currently Empowering Woman & Empowering the Young Entrepreneurs.   

At the age of 21, she already achieved so much & yet she's so humble also very easy going person. Very low profile. She's from the Royalty Family but she never uses her Royal Status in anyway, not by getting something or even introduce herself as a Royal. She always use her middle & last name. She'll use the first name at a certain occasion but rarely.
Her second home is in the states as her base in Mississippi, United Stated. But she stays in New York. So, she's always, back to back here, Malaysia & US. How ironic is that Ben's character in Dunia Generasi Baru, Zuhal's girlfriend is in the US & in reality Ben's girlfriend, Shazreen also back to back here & US. Epic! :D

Fun fact, she used to as a part timer at Also, One Utama! Believe it or not she actually started from the bottom herself. She works hard & very ambitious. As her tweets & article, she said nothing was handed to her easily & her father didn't spoiled her at all. She actually had to work for what she wants & prove to her father that she deserve what she deserve! Good to know that there's actually someone like this.
She's an inspiration for the teenagers & women. She's very kind. Base on her twitter, even when she's busy, she'll always make time for the people who asks her for advice, motivations, tips in being success & share her knowledge & experience. Her words will make your jaw drop! 

What is the definition of beauty with brain? Well, Shazreen Petra of course! She's beautiful inside & outside & very smart! Recently, she voiced out on behalf of the Nation & as her point of view in Politics. Her statement was in Astro Awani & I repeat, she's only 21! She even debated with someone on twitter because the guys didn't agreed with her statement at first, after she point out her views clearly, apparently the guy agreed with her statement in the end. Gifted indeed!

She barely goes out with her friends. She spend most her time working & with her family. As said in her article, she doesn't mind struggling, work hard & don't have the life like other teenagers as long as she knows her family is secure & happy. She's fine! Good one!

Comes, to relationship. Who would have thought someone as busy as her have the time to have a boyfriend. Wondering, how she actually manage her time very well. She's dating Ben Amir, the new uprising actor! It's really unexpected, because the team of the blog. We fangirl over Ben Amir & we adore Shazreen Petra for her hard work & achievements at a young age! To come from two different industries & to know that the people that we admire is in relationship. Well, can it get any better than this. They're definitely the perfect match! So glad to know the people we admire is actually in love with each other. We sure, do support them always! Will always pray for the both of you & may you both last forever! BASP, x

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