Ok! Some of you might be wondering who is Raja Shazreen Petra & why we adore her! Let me start with Raja Shazreen Petra or known as Shazreen Petra, 21. She's the First Woman in the World to own a Multi Billion Manufacturing Aircrafts Company. 1st in Malaysia. 1st in South-East Asia, 3rd in Asia & 30th in the World. Her base is in Mississippi, United States & New York is her second home! Living the dream! She's bringing back the business here in Malaysia soon. 

They called her Aerospace Industry's Princess! She's currently Empowering Women & Empowering Young Entrepreneur. At the age of 21 & already conquering one Industry in Malaysia. The Pioneer of Malaysia in Aerospace Industry. Majalah Nona interviewed her  Novermber Issue 2015 & they put her in the Tetami DiRaja section. 

She's basically from the Royalty Family but she's very humble! Why did we say she's known for Shazreen Petra? Because before everyone decided to revealed out her full name. Non of us know she's from the Royalty Family. She never use her first name. She has always been using Shazreen Petra as her full name whenever people ask. As said in the article she said she wasn't brought up to use her Royal Status. 

The company was founded by her father & she;s taking over it. Recently on  her twitter, people have been asking her about her career & how did she managed to where & what she is right now. For a very busy person, she's willing to share her story with the one who took her as their inspiration. Being so down to earth, she said that she couldn't be and what she is right now without her father & she ought to thank her father for everything he had done for her  & her little brother. But know that nothing was handed to her easily & she actually had to work for it & prove to her father that she can actually managed the company, she said. 

She even shared her story on back in 2012, she did a part time job at Aldo, One Utama. She said probably it seems nothing to others, but it means a lot to her. She said, she learnt & started from the bottom herself. She even did OT almost everyday just to earn an extra bucks. Look where she is right now? If that's not a good role model then I don't know what is. She's really a nice person & graceful as a Princess, indeed. Even she doesn't have all the time in the world, since she's always seems so busy. But we respect & admire her on how she actually can find the time to advice, motivate & share her knowledge & experience with people who asked her for some tips on how to be successful.

Unlike any other teenagers, she barely goes out with her friends. She spend most her time with her family & work. She said in the article & on twitter she rather works every day of her life as long as she knows her family is secure & happy. When people asked her what's her priority, she always says her family. She's very well brought up! Kudos!

To us, Shazreen Petra is the definition of Beauty with Brain. Not that she's only beautiful on the outside, but she's beautiful on the inside too. She's an easy going person & soft spoken. Very low profile until people exposed who she is. She's a good role model. She's really something & Ben Amir is very lucky to have her as his partner. May they last forever!

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