Muhammad Amir Sabaruddin
May 13, 1990 (age 25)
EducationDiploma in Business Study. UiTM Lendu, Melaka
OccupationMalaysian Actor & Businessman
Years active2011
Known forTop 23 Finalist in Hero Remaja 2011/2012
Height181 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Partner(s)Raja Shazreen Petra
(Shazreen Petra)

Muhammad Amir Sabaruddin or better known as Ben Amir, 25. Started his career in 2011 as one of the participant in Hero Remaja 2011/2012. He managed to be in the Top 23 Finalist of Hero Remaja 2011/2012. After awhile he started acting & managed to get a lot of roles in dramas & telemovie, He even got the role in Malaysia's Film, Kriptik Atau Romeo Kota. Directed by Aaron Aziz.
His big hit is in Dunia Generasi Baru. Many people love him as Zuhal. There's 6 characters but he managed to out shine and grab people's attention. He delivered it so well that Harian Metro decided to interviewed him and only because Zuhal was a big hit! 

For some may not know, he's not only an actor. He is also a businessman, He has in own business. Many people label him as talented & good looking actor. He seems to have the full package! Tall, good looking & talent. 

Everybody  is waiting for his big role in Akasia, TV3. Wishing he will be the next hero. We definitely believe that Ben can go far. Until then, we have to wait for his big role! Ben & his bestfriend on screen Fadlan Hazim is now under management of Aina Liza. 

Fun fact, Ben got his commercial name from his favourite cat. He named it, Ben. But sadly, all good must come to an end. It died when Ben was about to start his career & so, he decided to used Ben as his commercial name.

Another surprisingly fun fact, everyone thought he's single as he never showed any personal part of his life. No picture with a girlfriend & so people thought or wish he's single. Until one of his fan  actually exposed the story of the fan bumped into Ben & his girlfriend (Shazreen Petra). Well, a good looking guy like Ben definitely won't stay single when he can actually find someone to be his partner for the rest of his life. 

It wasn't that viral until another blog decided to made a big title on Ben's dating a Royalty. However, this one went viral. They even found the conversation between him & Shazreen Petra on twitter. Yes, the blogger exposed the girlfriend. Thinking she would be just a normal girl. But, no. Shazreen Petra, is well known in Business Industry & Aerospace Industry. 

Raja Shazreen Petra is only 21 & she's already the owner of a Multi-Billion Company. Though she's a Billionaire but she's a very easy going person. Base on her article in Majalah Nona, Twitter & Instagram. She's very simple & so down to earth. We bet Ben's feeling lucky as hell!

Shazreen Petra was & still a very low profile person until people decided to revealed out everything about her. Her career, the Royal Status, her shared in the company, for being the first woman in the world, even her net worth in the wikipedia & every single title she has. So we guess it was really that easy to find who's Ben currently dating. But I guess she may have asked someone to delete her wikipedia as she  said on instagram. But some of us got the screenshot of the wikipedia. Will post it later ;)

This couple seems to be very low profile about their relationship. Both acted like they were single & busy with their career. For keeping the relationship as a secret, they must have a really good relationship between both of them. They must have really trust each other very well. For Ben to be in the entertainment industry surrounding by girls whose in the industry & his fans. For Shazreen to be in the industry  that is dominated by men. Good for them! Totally our favourite couple! :) BASP, x

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